You Asked For It.  In this series of drop-in messages we respond to topics you wanted to know about what the Bible has to say.  For many of you, we believe one of these messages will be an anchor message that activates a change in your life.  #YAFI

We all have questions. Some are more important than others. This series we took questions and topics from the people of Journey Church and are spending time answering them. The first week deals with questions on pain and suffering.

Don’t good people go to heaven? Don’t all paths lead to the same place? What does Jesus have to say about these questions? In this teaching we see what the implications of Jesus’ teaching are for all mankind.

We continue our series with questions about social issues. Should Christians drink? What about gambling? Does the Bible say anything about why we sometimes still want to sin?

We conclude our series with questions on the Holy Spirit. Who is He? Did spiritual gifts stop when the apostles died? We wrap up this series by dealing with your questions on the Holy Spirit.