• Scott & Shannon Meador
    Lead Pastors
    Scott and Shannon have been in full- time ministry since 1996. They have served in a variety of ministry roles.  Scott holds a M.A. in Theology from A/G Theological Seminary and a B.S. degree from Southwestern A/G University.  He is also an accomplished musician and vocalist.  Shannon is a gifted lady whose love for the church is seen by everyone from the youngest to the oldest.  She is also a registered nurse.  Scott and Shannon have ministered around the world and have a great heart for missions.  They served as missionaries and worked extensively in Russia and the Ukraine. 
  • Chris & Cayli Lahvic
    Associate Pastor
    Chris and Cayli have served in various ministry capacities since 2001.  Chris' primary focus has been ministry to students and young adults.  He holds a B.S. degree in Church Ministries from Southwestern A/G University and he is also an accredited teacher with the state of Texas.  Cayli is a talented artist, a musician, and a brave entrepreneur.  She is very creatively gifted and can make almost anything.  Cayli currently serves as the JFC office manager.
  • Eric & Heather Mesker
    Youth Pastors

    Eric and Heather have been involved in youth ministry for close to 10 years.  Heather served on staff of a Master's Commission Team that ministered across the US serving the unserved and sharing the gospel to young people.  They became a part of the JFC team in the spring of 2018.