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2 days ago

Journey Fellowship Church

Join us as we discover what it means to be a good shepherd. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for joining us this morning. Be God's people for God's glory. Go in God's grace!

Sheep do a lot better when they have a good shepherd.

"Well done, good and faithful servant.


Praise God for the pastors that we have who are unwilling to just gives us the brownies but guide us to the greens which will truly fill and strengthen us!

High wind, big thunder, no rain! Hah!!

Right?! 🐑

Amen, sister!!

We are blessed to have you with us, Edna!

Preach it, Sister Jan!!

Amen, Sister Lois!!

Even from home, lift up those that you know who are sick, to the Lord.

You are here with us in spirit and we love you!

Good morning Journey Fellowship family!

Good morning Journey From Texas today! If I weren’t so high covid risk, I could be there with you today.

Love you too, and am with you every Sunday.

Good morning as i worship with you. Am at home today but am singing along with you. It is such a blessing to be with you.

Yes, Jesus knew what he was dong when he called us sheep and he knew what he doing when he called for a shepherd to care for them . So glad we have a Shepherd instead of a hireling.....

Amen Pastor.!!!! ONE OF YOUR BEST .It has fed me and renewed my promise to God.... Is it okay if I recommend you to preach next Dist. Council

Thank GOD For a pastor who will allow people to praise God for what he does., It is so encouraging to others

If you have not, I hope some day you will be able to bring this message to the young men/women answering the called to a full time ministry.. You make it very clear what God demands of a Shepherd.

...When God called us to the ministry he gave me this scripture as we were being interviewed to be a pastor.

Amen, so so true! Must be a calling!



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1 week ago

Journey Fellowship Church

... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Journey Fellowship Church

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1 week ago

Journey Fellowship Church

Join us as we learn about how to deal with the tough times. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank God for our pastors!

His grace is sufficient.

Why do the righteous suffer? "Why not? They're the only ones who can take it!" - C.S. Lewis

Wow, brings new understanding to the "fiery trials"!

Good morning, Gloria! Great to "see" you!

Keep on keeping on!!

Praise the Lord for His healing!!

Do not let your physical location prevent you from entering into the Lord's presence this morning.

Good morning, Joanna!!

We are happy to have you join us!

Good morning and welcome to Journey Fellowship!

Thats good preaching 👏 🙌 👌

Good morning Journey from cool Colorado

Good morning!

So happy to be "here"!!

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2 weeks ago

Journey Fellowship Church

We are live for revival! Invite your friends by sharing. Remember to like and comment. ... See MoreSee Less

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Would you like to have a deeper relationship with God by receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit? You can pray right where you are and we will believe with you.

If you have a prayer need, you can send us a direct message using Fb Messenger.

If you're watching online and you need to get right with Jesus, pray right now. 'Jesus, come into my life. Renew me so that I can live for you. Forgive me of my sin and help me to know you.'

Acts 2:1-4

There's nothing like the presence of God!

Your presence is so good!!!

Good morning everyone! It's revival time, let's get our worship on.

Blessed morning from cool Colorado. I have been blessed by the baptism of the Holy Spirit With speaking in tongues since the middle of the /


Can’t correct comment! Since mid-1980’s

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3 weeks ago

Journey Fellowship Church

We are live for worship and a great message. Today we take a look at some components of the end times and how we approach living today! Remember to like, comment, and share. ... See MoreSee Less

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We invite you to the Lord's table this morning. Use what you have to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us through the cross.

"If you're not using your gift, God's not getting all the glory!"

03 Serve Smarter

Goggusmos = Grumbling

Proverbs 10:12

02 Love Deeper

LOPOT = Loss of Passion Over Time

01 Pray Harder

3 things we should do as the end approaches...

Matthew 24:12,14

Time of Increased Spiritual Decision-making

Matthew 24:9

Time of Increased Persecution of Christians

Matthew 24:7

Time of Increasing Natural Disasters

Matthew 24:6-7

Time of Increased Conflict and Unrest

Time of Increased Deception

Matthew 24:3

Revelation 22:20

"The end of all things is near" - 7a


Running Out of Tomorrows

Yes!!! We need you more and more Jesus!!!

Good morning everyone!

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4 weeks ago

Journey Fellowship Church

Join us as we learn how to not just spend our time, but invest it! ... See MoreSee Less

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Take this message with you throughout the week as your work to not just spend your time, but invest it.

Take this time to kneel down where you are and join in prayer with those that came to the altar.

If you don't evangelize, you will fossilize.


"I know people who were radical sinners who had their lives changed by a radical salvation!!"

"It is time for some of you to get a divorce... to serve papers on your past."

"We don't have to do this; we get to do this!"

The best of your time is when you use the rest of your time to invest your time in doing the will of God.

It wasn't His sin the killed Him; it was ours!

If you do not make time to battle sin, sin will take time to destroy your life!

The battle always begins in the mind.

For the Christian, arming yourself is less about the externals and more about the internals.

In whatever time you have left on this Earth, use it doing the will of God.

Well said, Marsha!

"God is performing miracles!"

"The demons found Jesus and left!"

Praise God for the courage to walk out the door and surround yourself with God's people!

"Either way, God, I give You glory!"

Good morning Journey Fellowship Family! Are you ready to get your worship on?


We have to get real serious about forcing the government to change laws that legalize sin. For starters, murder of pre-born children.

I am ready!!

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1 month ago

Journey Fellowship Church

Join us as we dive deeper into God's word and learn more about how He wants us to live. ... See MoreSee Less

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Have a great week. Be God's people for God's glory. Go in God's grace!

If we are not in the position that God wants us to be in, we will never receive what God has in store for us.

We need to stop searching for Blue's Clues and start searching for God's clues!

I do not care what they say or who gets in my way... I am going to put myself in a position to reach the Savior!!

How do you get to Jesus when the crowd is drowning you out? Raise your voice!


We are receiving a word from a sister offscreen. Sorry we did not get the mic to her in time.

Let God break whatever chains are binding you today.

Even from home, approach God's throne with confidence, knowing that He will meet you there. He is faithful and just and you will find mercy.

Send some of that coolness this way, Gloria!

Thank you, God, for loving me, saving me and never letting me go!

Hey there, Dori!

Good morning, Lois!

Good morning Journey Fellowship family!

Wish I could! This time last year we were in the middle of a huge snowstorm! But not this year. Got very low 80’s.

Alleda, Larry and your mom joined you all the way from Oskaloosa iowa

Good morning Journey from cool Colorado!

Grant it Lord!

Yes, yes

Good morning!!!

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