Journey Fellowship is not about getting people to grow a church but having a church to grow people. We are committed to personal growth and deep spiritual relationships.  Our Discipleship Pathways are a great place to develop both.


Discipleship Pathways

At Journey Fellowship, our Discipleship Pathways are run by topic or age and are either continual or with a specified length. This allows our leaders to take a break, refresh themselves, and grow others to lead their own pathway. Our goal is threefold for our Discipleship Pathways:

  1. Grow in your intimacy with God – we want you to know God more
  2. Grow in community with insiders – those who are a part of the body of Christ
  3. Grow in influence with outsiders – those who do not yet believe

The core behaviors of our Discipleship Pathways are the same as our entire church: we invite, we connect, we coach, and we involve. Being a part of a pathway does not mean you come, sit, listen, and leave. It means being involved in ministry within your group. It means taking ownership. We hope you’ll find a Discipleship Pathway to be a part of this season!



Small Groups

It’s All About the Journey (Brandon and Aubrey Graham – young adults)

Every other week – text/call for more info

Location: Graham’s Home

Text or Call Aubrey @ 918-721-4573 if you have any questions about this group


Whether you are fresh out of High School, newly married, starting your career, or entering parenthood… you’re on a journey. In this small group for young adults we want you to grow spiritually, feel connected to the church and serve the community. 




Sunday School (Charles and Rhonda Wood – adults)

Sunday Mornings at 9:15am

Location: JFC Fellowship Hall

Email JFC if you have any questions about this group


This small group led by Charles & Rhonda Wood is for adults who want to continue to grow in faith and their understanding of god’s word.




Legacy (Jonathan and Dori Boyer – adults)

Sunday evenings at 5:00pm

Location: Boyer’s Home

Email Jonathan & Dori if you have any questions about this group


In this small group we will discuss the American Heritage Series by David Barton. This series explores the Godly legacy of America’s heritage and what has happened in the last 60 years to reshape people’s perceptions of our nation.




Game Night (Troy and Lulu Cox – adults)

1st Saturdays at 6:00pm

Location: JFC Fellowship Hall

See Troy & Lulu on Sundays if you have any questions about this group


This small group led by Troy & Lulu Cox is for adults wanting to have fun and build relationships with fellow believers.




Journey Fellowship & Prayer (Hank and Jill Garcia – adults)

Every Friday at 7:00pm

Location: Garcia’s Home

Text or Call Hank @ 940-999-8455 if you have any questions about this group


In this small group led by Hank & Jill Garcia we will dive into the aspects of prayer and spiritual warfare and renew the concepts of the church in Acts by establishing these behaviors in today’s society. Let’s prepare for signs and wonders that will follow together!


Wednesday Family Nights

Pastor Scott & Shannon Meador (Adult Group)

Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm

Location: JFC Fellowship Hall

Email Pastor Scott about more information of this group


This is our Wednesday Adult Bible study group that meets each week.  Pastor Scott will teach and lead a discussion about the Biblical topic being studied. This group is open to all ages.  There are also activities for the kids during the same time.  Wednesdays are a great night to be at JFC with your entire family. We hope that you’ll join us each Wednesday evening!



Legacy Student Ministry

Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm

Location: JFC Auditorium

Email Pastor Heather for more information about this group


Our student ministry meets every Wednesday night from 7:00-8:30pm at JFC. If you are between 6th-12th grade, make plans to join us this week. This is a time for students to be in their own environment and be surrounded by their peers with the common goal of getting to know Jesus in a real and personal way.