Journey Fellowship is not about getting people to grow a church but having a church to grow people. We are committed to personal growth and deep spiritual relationships.  Our small groups are a great place to develop both.


Connect Groups

At Journey Fellowship, our small groups run on a semester basis: Spring, Summer, and Fall. This allows our small group hosts to take a break, refresh themselves, and gear up for another semester. Between our semesters, some groups continue to meet like our Wednesday night Bible Study and our Senior Adult groups.  Our goal is threefold for our groups:

  1. Grow in your intimacy with God – we want you to know God more
  2. Grow in community with insiders – those who are a part of the body of Christ
  3. Grow in influence with outsiders – those who do not yet believe

The core behaviors of our groups are the same as our entire church: we invite, we connect, we coach, and we involve. Being a part of a Small Group does not mean you come, sit, listen, and leave. It means being involved in ministry within your group. It means taking ownership. We hope you’ll find a group to be a part of this semester!



Fall Semester

AJ & CJ Esquivel (Foster Care – adults)

2nd Sundays

Location: Zera’s Coffee House

Email CJ & AJ if you have any questions about this group.


Take a look at the Biblical perspective of fostering and caring for children. Led by AJ & CJ Esquivel, this small group is open to all adults. Contact AJ or CJ Esquivel for more info.



Charles & Tiffany Cabral (Not a Fan – adults)

2nd Sundays at 5:30pm

Location: Charles & Tiffany Cabral’s Home

Email Charles & Tiffany if you have any questions about this group.


Examine what it means to be a Christian as you connect with others.  This small group is a great place for you to connect with others, eat some great food, and grow as a disciple of Christ.



Daniel & Sulema Flores (College Life – college)

1st/3rd Saturdays

Location: Daniel & Sulema Flores’ Home

Email Daniel & Sulema if you have any questions about this group.


College life in Denton is a big deal and so is living for God.  This group is open to all college students and will meet regularly as determined by the group.  Please contact Daniel & Sulema for more details.



Pastor Chris & Cayli Lahvic (Yo Pros – young professionals)

1st/3rd Sundays at 7:00pm

Location: Chris & Cayli Lahvic’s Home

Email Pastor Chris if you have any questions about this group.


Your career may be just beginning, but you don’t have to go at it alone.  This small group is open to young professionals/adults looking to connect with others.  



Donald & Mary Riley (SAM – senior adults)

3rd Sundays at 6pm

Location: JFC Fellowship Hall or Other

Email Donald & Mary if you have any questions about this group.


Embrace life and grow near to God in this small group led by Donald & Mary Riley.  This group is open to anyone over fifty and will meet every 3rd Sunday at 6pm.



John & Maria Phillips (Limitless – adults)

Every Sunday after church

Location: John & Maria Phillips’ Home

Email John & Maria if you have any questions about this group.


Understand Christ’s limitless love and how the message goes beyond Sundays in this small group.  This group is open to anyone and will engage you in great conversation about the journey and God’s love.


Wednesday Family Nights

Pastor Scott & Shannon Meador (Adult Group)

Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm

Location: JFC Fellowship Hall

Email Pastor Scott about more information of this group


This is our Wednesday Adult Bible study group that meets each week.  Pastor Scott will teach and lead a discussion about the Biblical topic being studied. This group is open to all ages.  There are also activities for the kids during the same time.  Wednesdays are a great night to be at JFC with your entire family. We hope that you’ll join us each Wednesday evening!



Legacy Student Ministry

Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm

Location: JFC Auditorium

Email Pastor Heather for more information about this group


Our student ministry meets every Wednesday night from 7:00-8:30pm at JFC. If you are between 6th-12th grade, make plans to join us this week. This is a time for students to be in their own environment and be surrounded by their peers with the common goal of getting to know Jesus in a real and personal way.