One of our top priorities is to teach children to grow up to become fully devoted followers of Christ. At Go! Kids we have dedicated ourselves to guide children toward this goal.




Check-In & Check Out


Check-in is required for all Go! Kids activities. For Elementary and Preschool age kids, check-in takes place in the Educational Building.  Nursery and Toddler check-in takes place near the nursery at the back of the Auditorium Building.  There, new families fill out a quick information card for their child(ren) and receive a sticker that will help our Go! Kids team to match every kid to every family. Once a family is put into our system you will not have to fill out another card. Simply go to a self check-in station next time you come.


(First time families are welcome to take a tour of our Go! Kids areas with a Go! Kids team member.)



Check-out takes place in the same area as check-in.  We ask that you go and check-out your children within 10 minutes following the conclusion of the adult worship service.




Age Groups


Birth – 2 Yrs

Explorers go into their own room that is located at the back of the main auditorium. Each week it’s a bright, clean, safe & secure environment for babies to interact while their parents are a part of the Worship Experience. If any problems arise with a child, an Explorers Leader will send a message to the parent. This will let that child’s parent know that they need to make their way to the Explorers room to check on their baby.  Our goal is that by the time Explorers graduate, we want them to know that Jesus loves them.



3 – 5 yrs

Adventurers meet in their own room located on the East wing of the Educational Building. Their room is a great environment for preschoolers to learn and discover more about Jesus. They will sing, have story time, play and make crafts.  By the time Adventurers graduate, we want them to know that because Jesus loves us, we should also love each other. We also want them to know basic Bible stories, simple Bible songs and Bible verses.



K – 5th

Navigators meet in the NW corner of the Educational Building. The Go! Kids program is devoted to bringing a high energy, fun-filled, interactive learning experience so that kids are eager to learn Bible stories and discuss biblical topics. It is our goal that by the time Navigators graduate they will have built a foundation that will help them remain devoted to Christ and His teachings.