• Scott & Shannon Meador
    Lead Pastors
    Scott has been in full- time ministry since 1996. He has served in a variety of ministry roles.  He holds a M.A. in theology from A/G Theological Seminary and a B.S. degree from Southwestern A/G University.  He is passionate about music and is an accomplished musician and vocalist.  Scott has also worked extensively overseas establishing churches in Russia, Ukraine, and Latin America.  Scott and Shannon were married in 1996 and they have three kids, Sydney, Seth, and Sawyer. 
  • Chris & Cayli Lahvic
    Associate Minister
    Chris has served in various ministry capacities since 2001.  His primary focus has been on ministering to students.  He holds a B.S. degree in Church Ministries from Southwestern A/G University and he is also an accredited teacher with the state of Texas.  Cayli is a talented artist, a musician, and a brave entrepreneur.  She is very creatively gifted and can make almost anything.  Chris and Cayli enjoy watching movies and cheering for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Philip & Sarah Larsen
    Student Pastor

    Philip and Sarah lead our student ministry from middle school to college.  They have been involved in full time ministry for over 10 years and are excited about touching a young generation of youth with the Gospel.

  • Josh & Aaryn Reese
    Minister of Music

    Josh and Aaryn are both incredibly talented with a variety of gifts.  They lead our worship and arts department.  They have a desire to see the presence of the Holy Spirit fall on the church every time we begin to worship and lift up the name of Jesus.