Maturity. A word that we want to apply to others but sometimes have a hard time applying to ourselves. The writer of Hebrews is astonished at how immature the listeners were in their spiritual life. So the question is: Are we mature?

As Christians, we know we need God’s grace, we think we understand it, and we love to talk about it. But sometimes we struggle with what it looks like to live in grace. If Jesus has taken care of everything, what’s left for us to do? That’s the question the author answers in Hebrews 10.

What is faith and what is faith not? If it is impossible to please God without faith, then this question is of utmost importance for us. The good news is the author of Hebrews lays it all out for us to follow.

What happens in our lives when we look through the eyes of faith? We inevitably must focus our gaze upward. When we fix our gaze on what is unseen, we begin to see that this world is not our home. We are aliens and strangers looking for a city who’s architect and builder is God.

Jesus is better, and because Jesus is better, we should fix our eyes on Him and no one else. As we live the life God has marked out for us, we must choose to lay aside everything that hinders us from living it as best as we can.

As we wrap up our series in Hebrews we go back to our original question, “How do we live a life that is better than ever?” The author of Hebrews sums it all up for us in chapter thirteen.

God is active and has planned something better for us than we could ever imagine. He wants us to hear it, see it, and experience it. God has always actively been speaking. The question is, are we listening?

The writer of Hebrews wraps up the first chapter by quoting eight Old Testament passages and applying them to Jesus. The question arises, Why does Jesus deserve our deepest worship? Is Jesus, all by Himself, enough for us?

We continue in our study of Hebrews with chapter two. The writer of Hebrews offers warnings to believers through the letter. The first warning: be careful lest you drift away. In a wayward culture that lacks focus, we would do well to heed such a warning in our walk of faith.

One of the things that sets Christianity apart from any other religion is that Jesus can truly say, “I completely understanding.” Every circumstance in our life, suffering, heartache, loneliness, betrayal, loss, Christ can not only identify with us in those situations but can also help us through them.